Analyze a situation and identify risk factors, key success factors and courses of actions.

In both change projects or occupational health policies, Stimulus offers you its long-standing expertise in conducting quantitative and qualitative diagnostic studies of occupational stress and psychosocial risks at work.

In France, the INSEE (national institute of statistics and economic studies) expert panel on the statistical monitoring of psychosocial risk indicators was set up following the report submitted in 2008 to the French Minister of Labour, of which Patrick Légeron, founder of Stimulus, was one of the two authors.

Assessing well to understand better

Our experts can help you to :

Assess quality of work life, stress or psychosocial risk

  • Quantitative and/or qualitative studies
  • Support for legal compliance according to local legislation
  • Advice and support for management, human resources and employee representative bodies

Evaluate the effectiveness of a quality of working life policy or action

  • Audit of the QWL policy
  • Measuring the effects of an action, an action plan or a prevention system

Assess the consequences of a transformation project on future QWL or commitment

  • Human impact studies
  • Assessment of the support needs of teams and managers

Focus on...


Stimulus FlashEval

With this survey, you can quickly obtain clear and objective indicators on the state of your employees' psychological health, their psychosocial risk factors and their well-being factors, and identify the actions to be taken to improve the wellbeing in your company.

  • 30 scientifically validated questions on stress, autonomy, workload, role clarity, recognition, etc.
  • Questions dedicated to the health crisis
  • 8 segmentation criteria (gender, age, family situation, working conditions...)
  • Available in French, Spanish and Italian
  • Data analysis by Stimulus and feedback within a week

Human Impact Studies

Very often, diagnoses are photographs of the company at a given moment. In the context of change, we go beyond that: we assess the future.

Human Impact Assessments not only allows us to anticipate the effects of changes on the psychology and behaviour of the individuals concerned, but also to evaluate the chances of success of the project.

The aim is to:

  • Integrate human aspects into the analysis of risks upstream of change projects
  • Develop a work organisation that is beneficial to the physical and mental health of employees affected by the change
  • Optimise the success of the change project accordingly.

Why choose Stimulus?

Since its creation, Stimulus has been conducting stress assessments based on scientifically validated criteria.

Our secure IT infrastructure guarantees the confidentiality, anonymity and security of the data, in compliance with GDRP standards.

Our experienced experts have a benchmark of the main stress indicators.

Following an assessment, our multidisciplinary teams can assist you in setting up action plans dedicated to the prevention of stress and psychosocial risks at work.