A global approach to well-being and psychological health at work

European heart. Global footprint.

Prevention, awareness and care:
the three levels of an efficient well-being strategy



Psychosocial risks assessments

Quantitative and qualitative studies

Human impact of organisational change analysis

Harassment protocols and investigations



Raise managers' awareness on healthy management practices

Improve individual and collective skills and abilities



Critical Incident Stress Management

Employee Assistance Programmes

Counselling, social, legal and financial support

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European heart

Addressing psychological risks from the organisation to the individual.

The European approach of dealing with psycho-social risks relies on the consideration that mental health cannot only be an individual responsibility. It focuses as well on the importance for companies to work on their internal policies and better their working conditions. That is what differentiates Stimulus and is a strong part of our company’s DNA.

Global footprint

Our ability to implement a company’s strategy in all its locations around the world while making the local culture and policy a key component of it.

To do so, we have built a strong network of local providers to deliver our services. We carefully selected and trained each of them to guarantee the success of our local approach, which includes not only language but also cultural differences as well as legal requirements and challenges, among others.

The global coherence of well-being and mental health programmes

is a key factor to their success

Christine Loos, Director of International Strategy


Andrea Minogini
Andrea Minogini Group Senior Director - Head of People & Process care at Intesa Sanpaolo

Thanks to our collaboration, we were able to create a unique proposition to support our employees, with the same level of services and quality everywhere but tailor-made for every country, in local language.

Lidia Cantos Garcia
Lidia Cantos Garcia Tecnico de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales at Suntory Food and Beverage Spain

You were one of the first companies to implement EAP services in Spain. Your experience that you bring from France and other European countries is fundamental to be able to implement this kind of programmes in any country in the correct way. That background you have gives us a guarantee and security that everything we implement in the company will be beneficial for the employees.

Luis bena
Luis bena Head of HR International Business at Majorel

Stimulus provide us with a psychological attendance line : 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which is very convenient for us because our teams have the opportunity to ask for any advice, council, or psychological support at any time, everyday.

They rely on us

Stimulus provides companies in all sector activities with recognized high-level expertise in health and HR development policies, support for change and transformation projects, management of sensitive situations and employee support.

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About us

Founded in 1989 by Dr Patrick Légeron, Stimulus is the reference firm in the field of psychological health at work. Our mission is to prevent psychosocial risks in the workplace, to strengthen commitment and pleasure at work, to improve the economic and social performance of our clients and to mobilize all the actors in the company around health and quality of life at work projects.


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