Global footprint. European heart.

Founded in 1989 by Dr Patrick Légeron, Stimulus is the reference firm in the field of psychological health at work. Our mission is to prevent psychosocial risks in the workplace, to strengthen commitment and pleasure at work, to improve the economic and social performance of our clients and to mobilize all the actors in the company around health and quality of life at work projects.

A global approach to wellbeing and psychological health at work

Our mission is to:

  • assess and evaluate psychosocial risks in the workplace
  • design action plans and well-being policies
  • strengthen employees' emotional and interpersonal skills
  • support employees and managers through EAP programmes
  • provide Critical Incident Stress Management

Our vocation is twofold: to prevent psychosocial risks and to foster wellbeing at work, in order to meet both economic and human challenges. To do this, we can intervene locally in over 121 countries thanks to our local partners. We can guarantee a network of local professionals in each country managed directly by our team for an optimal customer and employee experience. Our local network allows us to support our clients and their employees globally, in their local language and taking into account the local culture.

Our team

To produce well-being and performance, it is necessary to mobilise complementary expertise.

This is why our project teams are made up of nearly 200 experts from the human sciences: psychologists, sociologists, doctors, psychiatrists, statisticians, ergonomists, human resources specialists and a back office entirely dedicated to your success.

Christine Loos photo

Christine Loos

Director of International Strategy

Ketut David-Liège_CARRE

Ketut David-Liege

International Project Manager

Lisbet Alfonso photo

Lisbet Alfonso

International Account Manager - France

Helene Ledoux photo

Hélène Ledoux

International Account Manager - Spain

marta terragoli photo

Marta Terragnoli

International Account Manager - Italy