Support those who conceive the transformation project, those who implement it, and those who live through it.

Companies now all consider the human factor as a key issue to successful change. If people affected by change do not need to be supported the same way, they all share one reality: that of having to deal with their own emotions and those of others...

A context of change therefore requires a flexible and variable geometry system.

Supporting people during transformation projects,
means adressing 3 levels of needs

Those who conceive





Be able to :

  • benefit from regular feedback
  • adapt their communication
  • adjust their expectations and demands



Modalities of support

  • Facilitating project steering meetings
  • Design and roll-out of a communication plan
  • Providing dedicated communication and planning tools

Those who implement

HR, Employee representatives, Managers


  • Be able to detect and support employees in need of assistance
  • Be able to manage their workload and prioritize
  • Protect themselves emotionally
  • Feel supported and guided in their role
  • Acquire the necessary skills to continue to manage teams

Modalities of support

  • Face-to-face training
  • Group coaching (work groups, discussion groups)
  • Psychological support

Those who live through it

Employees, Teams


  • Find meaning and new levers of commitment
  • Take a step back and welcome this opportunity for new challenges

Needs are identified beforehand, on a case-by-case basis by a consultant

Modalities of support

  • Psychological support
  • Social support
  • Thematic workshops
  • Work groups

Stimulus offers you its long-standing expertise in conducting quantitative and qualitative diagnostic studies of occupational stress and psychosocial risks at work to support change projects.