In a context of organizational transformation, we accompany the people who think about the transformation,

those who carry it out, and those who live it.

Companies now all consider the human factor as a key issue to successful change. If people affected by change do not need to be supported the same way, they all share one reality: that of having to deal with their own emotions and those of others...

A context of change therefore requires a flexible and variable geometry system.

Accompanying people during transformation projects,
means adressing 3 levels of needs

Those who think transformation





  • Be able to benefit from regular feedback
  • Be able to adapt their communication
  • Know where to place their level of demand



Modalities of support

  • Project steering meetings
  • Realization and deployment of  a communication plan
  • Provision of dedicated communication and planning tools

Those who carry transformation

HR, Elected officials, Managers


  • Be able to detect and support employees in need of assistance
  • Be able to manage their workload and prioritize
  • Protect themselves emotionally
  • Feel supported and guided in their role
  • Acquire the necessary skills to continue to manage teams

Modalities of support

  • Face-to-face training
  • Group coaching (work groups, discussion groups)
  • Psychological support

Those who live transformation

Employees, Teams


  • Finding meaning
  • Take a step back and reposition yourself

Their needs are identified on a case-by-case basis, beforehand, by a consultant

Modalities of support

  • Psychological support
  • Social support
  • Thematic workshops
  • Work groups