Sensitive situations

Support sensitive situations, both in human and organisational terms, to optimize the commitment and motivation of your employees, and the productivity of your company.

At Stimulus, we identify 3 main categories of sensitive situations for which we provide specific support:

Critical incident

Complaints about

inappropriate behaviour

Degraded collectives

Critical incident

Because each large company is unique, each group is organised differently, with different levels of complexity and specific needs...
Because not all teams and managers are equipped to deal with a traumatic event that occurs within the company...
Because a potential psychotraumatic risk to the group cannot be taken lightly...
Because each serious situation is unique and requires a precise and adapted approach.


Complaints about inappropriate behaviour

Our experts, clinical psychologists, will support you if you suspect harassment or if you are in a relationship that is considered toxic:

  1. Investigative approach to assess the situation
  2. Depending on the situation, we offer support in the form of psychological support, coaching or management consulting. The objective is to enable the work group to return to a serene and efficient functioning organization.

Degraded collectives

Whatever the context, your organisation may be faced with the deterioration of a collective within its teams:

  • Loss of collective efficiency, with employees working separately but without suffering individually
  • Relational tensions, sources of discomfort for the group
  • Team in pain, unable to collaborate and overcome tensions

Depending on the situation, the impact can be felt on the quality of life at work, the working atmosphere, the motivation and commitment of employees and the productivity of the group.

Faced with these complex situations, we help groups to find a serene and efficient way of working thanks to our 360° support :

  • Telephone Psychological Support
  • Training of key actors of the company
  • Centralized management for a coordination in close relation with the actors of the company
  • A rapid response capacity throughout France and abroad
Degraded collectives

You are facing a sensitive situation within your company and you wish to be accompanied by our experts