Social impact & passion for business:
the Stimulus entrepreneurial adventure

Interview of David MAHÉ, President of Stimulus

You took over Stimulus in 2012. What attracted you to this project? How did you get here?

The plan to take over Stimulus came about when Dr Patrick Légeron, psychiatrist and founder of Stimulus, and an investor met in early 2012, and I was a manager with ambitions to become an entrepreneur.

Patrick had always enjoyed his role as a high-level expert more than as a business leader. He wanted to pass on his business and free himself from operational constraints. Our passions and skills were complementary. We teamed up on this basis.

From the very first meeting, I recognised the exceptional nature of Stimulus, its incredible expertise in mental health in the workplace, the confidence of its prestigious clients, HR directors, and its recognition by the market. My project consisted in preserving and strengthening what made Stimulus different and enabling it to develop in a ‘normal’ way, i.e. dynamically and serenely.

How does the Stimulus project develop on a day-to-day basis?
How has Stimulus' potential developed since then?

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At Stimulus, we have put into practice our conviction that companies need a comprehensive approach to occupational health and the prevention of psychosocial risks, and a trusted partner specialising in these issues. This is why we have developed our services and capabilities in diagnostics, consulting, training, crisis management and psychological and social assistance for employees.

Stimulus has grown considerably in recent years. A new generation of consultants and partners has joined our workforce. We have opened new offices, such as in Lyon and Madrid in 2016. We have also acquired fellow consultancies such as Psya and Capital Santé, who have joined our adventure. We quickly defined Europe as our playground, and we now have Stimulus teams in Spain, Italy and Germany.

Finally, 3 words to describe your entrepreneurial adventure at Stimulus

➡️ The human adventure

➡️ Social impact

➡️ A passion for the company