The international development of mental health policies

Interview with Christine LOOS, Partner International Strategy

Since its creation in 1989, how has Stimulus structured its international development?

Since taking its first steps outside France with the opening of its subsidiary in Spain in 2016, Stimulus has become the European leader in people at work, with offices in France, Spain, Italy and Germany and a network enabling us to cover more than 150 countries worldwide. Our international expansion has gone from being a promising initiative to a major strategic pillar and one of the key areas of development for the Human & Work group.

Today, we are proud to support European HR managers in their global mental health policy and to support their employees and entities wherever they may be. We favour a ‘glocal’ approach, which consists of rolling out programmes with global ambitions but local roots. We provide our customers with a coherent mental health policy based on our fundamentals: our scientific background, our premium expertise and our integrated approach combining organisation and individual. And all this while guaranteeing that our experts on the ground can adapt to the realities of each geography and culture.

What are the challenges ahead in meeting the expectations of your international customers?


Our major challenge today is to consolidate our partnership with Europe's leading multinational companies so that we can support them in their international mental health ambitions.

We need to ensure constant innovation, a strong local presence and effective digital transformation to remain competitive and become the preferred partner of our customers worldwide.

We know that mental health has become a priority on an international scale, significantly reducing the disparities between different geographies, which more than ever puts people at the heart of the company's challenges.

We are proud to contribute to a responsible, inclusive and serene workplace around the world.

And finally, 3 words to define Stimulus' international strategy

I'll choose 4:

➡️ European Heart, Global Footprint !

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