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Interview of Dirk ANTONISSEN, Partner Stimulus Care Services

For those who may not be familiar, could you explain what Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) are and why they are important in today's workplace?

Employee assistance programmes play a crucial role in fostering a supportive workplace culture and enhancing employee productivity and resilience.

These programs traditionally include programs to support employees facing personal challenges that may impact their work performance and well-being.


These programs offer a range of confidential services such as counselling, referral to specialized professionals, and resources for managing various issues like mental health concerns, substance abuse, critical incidents, and work-life balance.

Increasingly these programs also provide psychosocial consulting, training, tools and surveys at group and company level as part of their HR and wellbeing strategies.


Stimulus EAP also stands out in its ability to blend digital innovation with a human-centric approach. How do you navigate this balance?

While many startups in our space focus mostly on digital solutions, we recognize the importance of preserving the human touch.

Our advantage lies in our ability to marry digital innovation with a tradition of personalized, human-centred care. By leveraging innovative technologies alongside empathetic, face-to-face interactions, we create a holistic experience that addresses the diverse needs of our clients with warmth and understanding.

At Stimulus EAP, we believe in addressing psychosocial issues comprehensively, considering not only the individual but also the organization and teams. We aspire to bring our integrated approach to psychosocial support to new markets, enriching the lives of individuals and organizations across borders. With our academic foundation, human-centric ethos, and track record of success, we want to make a meaningful difference wherever we go.

And finally, 3 words to define Stimulus' employee assistance programmes

➡️ Human empathy

➡️ Support (through...)

➡️ Technology

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