Burn-out, bore-out, brown-out: differentiating, preventing and overcoming these three forms of burn-out

There are many challenges in the world of work. Burn-out, which is often mentioned, is only the tip of the iceberg. Are you also familiar with bore-out and brown-out?

Although these terms share similarities in name, they describe distinct realities that require special attention.


It is defined as physical, emotional and mental exhaustion resulting from prolonged investment in emotionally demanding work environments.

Burn-out can also have a significant impact on the personal lives of those affected. According to a study carried out by Opinion Way in 2022, 34% of French employees will be affected by this pathology, 13% of whom will suffer from severe burn-out, i.e. 2.5 million people.


It corresponds to burnout through boredom.

In this case, exhaustion is not the result of overwork, but rather of chronic boredom. According to a survey of 4.5 million candidates conducted by the temporary employment agency Qapa, 71% of French employees consider their work to be boring, and 56% have a very hard time of it.


It is characterised as a syndrome of professional disengagement that may be due to a feeling of professional uselessness or a loss of meaning in one's work.

According to an Ipsos survey, 54% of workers in France are demotivated or disengaged from their work.

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