Corrente AG is becoming Stimulus Germany

On January 22, 2024, Corrente AG, located in Kiel, became Stimulus Germany. This marks the completion of its integration into the French Human & Work Group and its affiliation with the globally operating Stimulus network. By taking this step, the former Corrente AG is broadening its network and expanding its services beyond the boundaries of the German market.

Having joined the Human & Work Group in 2022 and integrating into the European Stimulus network, Corrente AG has successfully transitioned from a company managed by its owners to a company with a national and international presence.

“For us, the transition to Stimulus Germany presents an exciting opportunity to be part of a transnationally managed company and thus for sustainable growth and international expansion. The parent company, Human & Work, aligns perfectly with Corrente’s values and vision of promoting a healthy work environment. Together, we look forward to exploring new areas of work and consultancy, as well as embarking on fresh projects and initiatives”

Emilie Martin

Managing Director , Stimulus Germany

High Service Quality Remains the Center of Focus

At Stimulus Germany, ensuring exceptional service quality remains the foremost concern for all employees. “Corrente has always stood for quality. This will continue to be upheld. We are also very pleased about the additional valuable expertise that the Stimulus network brings us,” says Petra Janicki, Head of the Stimulus Germany Advisory Center. The network’s dedication to high service standards and personalized guidance sets it apart from digital competitors in the field of workplace mental health, establishing a distinctive brand identity that extends throughout Europe.

An Internationally Expanded Range of Services

The transition to Stimulus Germany has not only provided valuable international connections but has also resulted in an expanded array of services tailored to the European market. “By working closely with colleagues from different countries, we can further expand our portfolio and strengthen our expertise in the international alliance. We see this as a great benefit,” says Regina Reinschmidt, Head of Consultancy & Training at Stimulus Germany. So far, Corrente AG has focused on offering services such as EAP, management consulting, crisis management, and training specifically to German-speaking countries. Last June, Corrente AG acquired GIDEON GmbH in Berlin, thus additionally strengthening their range of services in the areas of crisis management, aptitude diagnostics, and psychological risk assessment.

As part of their development strategy across Europe, the Human & Work Group has recently welcomed Dirk Antonissen as a partner. Dirk is renowned for his expertise in mental health within the European market and will play a pivotal role in driving the European strategy of Stimulus.

The previously owner-managed Corrente AG becomes Stimulus Germany and thus completes its integration into the globally active Human & Work Group (Source: Human & Work)

About the Human & Work Group

Human & Work is Europe’s leading consultancy group dedicated to the challenges of people at work, offering strategic and operational advice to corporate HR departments. Thanks to its multi-disciplinary team, Human & Work offers unique expertise on issues such as psychological health at work, diversity and inclusion, career management and leadership development.

With offices in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium and a network of carefully selected local partners in 150 countries, our 270 employees support more than 1,000 companies and their 8 million employees worldwide.

Our mission is clear: to build, together, an inclusive, responsible and serene world of work.

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About Stimulus

Founded in France in 1989, Stimulus is the benchmark consulting company for psychological health in the workplace. Backed by our scientific approach, our mission is twofold: to prevent psychosocial risks and promote well-being in the workplace in order to meet the economic and human challenges facing companies and organizations. As a hyper-specialist in psychological health in the workplace, Stimulus supports companies at all levels of prevention. Thanks to our capacity for international action, we give major European and multinational companies the means to deploy ambitious, global HR and occupational health strategies, while taking account of specific local features.

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