Ecological awareness: when concern for the environment becomes a source of stress

Ecology can be a source of stress

Raising environmental awareness in companies, asking questions, changing our consumption habits and trying to reduce our carbon footprint: these are all environmental and climate issues that are becoming increasingly important in our lives. Why have these issues become so important? The answer is simple: global warming is part of our daily lives and we are…

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Financial distress: definition, effects and advice

Today, many changes are characterising the global socio-economic landscape: a new financial crisis is generating a rise in global inflation rates. There are two main triggers: the post-Covid economic recovery and the resulting increase in energy demand, and the Russia-Ukraine crisis and the resulting rise in energy costs. Based on surveys of our corporate clients,…

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Healthy leadership in intergenerational coexistence


Coexistence between generations is a reality in the company. This context poses a new challenge for the leader, who must manage teams with different needs, but with the same objective, that of ensuring inclusion and intergenerational learning. In this article we will talk about leadership and coexistence between generations. What is intergenerational coexistence? Today, intergenerational…

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Women in tech: when a return to the origins is needed

A surprising twist in history, did you know that tech has not always been a man’s world? In the 1950s, it is estimated that women represented between 30 and 50% of computer science students (1). This proportion was reflected in the sector’s workforce after their studies (2). This gender mix – even near parity in…

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Psychological and social health of employees in 2022 – Press release

Psychological and social support for employees

Discover the 2022 review of our employee assistance programme Stimulus Care Services in France. Stimulus, the reference firm in the field of psychological health at work and the prevention of psychosocial risks, unveils the 2022 assessment of its employee assistance programme, Stimulus Care Services. The number of counselling sessions organised via the psychological support service…

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